Products & processes

Our machine tools and manufacturing processes are state of the art and guarantee top quality.


Discover our wide range of plastic and metal components

  • Filters with plastic and metal mesh

  • Filter with sprayed fabric

  • High-precision injection molded parts with and without metal inserts

  • Multi-component injection molding

  • Complex assemblies

Injection molding

We produce on over 80 injection molding machines with clamping forces of 150 – 5,500 kN.

  • Single and multi-component technology

  • Inlay technique
  • Fabric overmolding
  • Processing of technical and high-performance plastics
  • Individual part weight from 0.1 – 600 gr.

Assembly technology

We manufacture complex assemblies using product-specific automatic assembly machines and assembly systems.

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly

  • Joining and clipping

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Mirror welding

  • Printing and embossing

  • Mechanical processing

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